@ScurvyConf 'X

Avast! What good is a pirate conference without a mess of outcasts, bilge-rats, scoundrels, and... of course... barrels of rum? Aye! Limper than a one-legged land-lubber! JSConf tis no place for such rabble.

We heartily present to ye: ScurvyConf...

...the most epic gathering of scallywags ever to smell of Davy Jones' Locker.

All ye dastardly knaves that submitted yer talks but are still swabbin' the poop deck, take heed! Owing to the amazing response of speaker requests, we want ye to still get a chance to speak -- at ScurvyConf. But beware, ye must be appeasing the swiggin' crowd!

Spectators, shiver yer timbers: Speakers only have 15 minutes, a beer in one hand and a microphone in th' other. They'll sword fight before ye for their very lives! Ye decide who walks the plank! The pirate with the most votes returns for an encore performance IN AN OFFICIAL SLOT AT JSCONF!

The spectacle is sponsored by the amazing people at Joyent - Friday Night April 16, 2010 7:00PM - 11:00PM

We'll pillage and plunder Port RFD Friday night to toast our new tradition, ScurvyConf. JSConf will never be the same again!

Expect food, drinking, and epic topics of discussion. Come out with friends you know, come out with random people, just be sure to come out! For ScurvyConf, we be inviting significant others free of charge, but stowaways will have to pay $30.00 to board and they get unlimited food and drink as well. Stowaway tickets are available for purchase here!

Yours truly,
Scurvy Jones (illegitmate man-child of Davy Jones)