"JSConf™ is awesome". That seems to be the going definition of this intimate conference dedicated to the JS programming language. One thing has been made clear, JSConf™ is one of the best tech conferences out there and rightly so, because JavaScript is one of the best languages out there. The core focus of this conference is to present the wonders of JavaScript that are often overlooked. The content of the conference caters to all types of JavaScript developers from client interface to server development to testing. No matter which programming language you love, you know of the pleasure (and pain) of JavaScript programming.

JSConf focuses on two things, presenting mind-altering JavaScript technology during the daytime and providing exceptional "networking" parties during the evenings. JavaScript is exploding on the scene despite years of being behind the curtain as the workhorse of the web. JSConf is right there to expose and help push the state of the art with JavaScript in the browser, server, mobile, and desktop environments. One of the key differentiators about JSConf is that its put on by a (crazy) group of JavaScript developers just like you, so we ensure that everything that matters is taken care -- read in always available wifi and readily accessible power.

The theme for JSConf US 2010 is "pirates" and we do intend on taking that to the limit. Already we have buried some treasure(.js) for a few lucky land lubbers. Everything you have seen, heard, or come to know of about JSConf is about to change once again. Prepare to cast away for an amazing time as the JavaScript community comes together once again in Washington, DC.

We are trying to make something different and we are trying to do it with JavaScript.

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